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4 Reasons your Cake is not as good as you anticipated

We all know that disappointing feeling after our first baking attempt. Well, to most people, it doesn’t happen on the first attempt, but the second, third, and probably many attempts later. Not just for beginners but also veteran bakers.

The problem could be anything from the baking mixes to the measurement and baking temperatures. The good thing is that whatever it is, you can always correct it in your next attempt, as long as you figure out where you went wrong. Here are some possible mistakes.

The Cake Didn’t Rise.

So, your cake is as flat as a pancake? The most common cause for this is usually a missing ingredient, or you may have used the wrong measurements. Overusing certain ingredients could also cause the cake not to rise.

It is not always possible to fix this once it’s done. But depending on the problem, you can always make some adjustments to make things right again. Ingredients like baking powder are essential for the cake to rise. If it is missing or doesn’t use the correct measurement, the cake will remain just as flat.

Another possible reason your cake didn’t rise could be that you didn’t give it enough time. Just double-check it and give it more time. Make sure the temperatures are correct, and especially, avoid the urge to keep opening your oven to check if it is ready.

Greasy Cake

Just as you may guess, if your cake is too greasy and shiny, the reason could be too much butter and fat. If the cake is just a little greasy, it is usually safe to eat. Like a drizzle cake, you can leave it just like that or make something else out of it.

If the cake is too greasy, it is still safe to eat. You can’t do a lot to make a difference at this point. But it serves as a lesson. Next time, try not to add too much fat and butter. Make sure also to mix all the ingredients well.

Can’t Get the Cake Out of the Tin

The solution is relatively easy if your cake is stuck in the tin. You can get it out by running a sharp knife at the edges of the tin. Giving it a little pat at the bottom will also do the trick. Remember first to let it cool before you do this.

Some possible causes for this may be that you didn’t grease your tin well before you started baking. You can use non-stick, oil, butter, and greaseproof paper to cover the tin.

Burnt Cake

If your cake is burnt beyond saving, you don’t want to risk a stomach upset by eating it. However, if it is just a little crispy and burnt on the outer parts around the edges and soft and pleasant in the middle, the solution is to cut off the burnt areas and decorate them as you usually would.

Usually, the reason for burning is baking in higher temperatures or that you didn’t preheat your oven correctly. Keep an eye on your cake every couple of minutes until it is well done.

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