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How to Select a Tasty Craft Beer When You Reach the Bar

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As a lover of beer, you should always taste many different brands that are on offer. With so many choices on the market, it is a crime to visit a bar and sip on the same brand all night long. Beer selections are huge nowadays, so you are spoiled for choice when it comes to craft beer. To become a connoisseur, you must be willing to try all kinds of brands. Here are tips on how to choose a tasty craft.

Beer Menu

When you walk into a bar, forget about asking the bartender what is good to drink. Most of the time, the bartender is too busy to chat and they will just recommend the first beer that comes into their head or one which is close to reaching its expiration date.

To get a really good premium craft beer, always start by asking for the beer menu. In most bars or restaurants that sell craft beer, they will have a beer menu that explains a lot about each individual beer. You will have information about the beer and where it has been brewed. Make your choice based on this, not on a rushed answer from the bartender.

Forget About the Waiting Staff

It is a bad idea to order a craft beer based on what the waiting staff recommend. As mentioned, the bar staff, including the waitress/waiters are busy and they do not have time to discuss the pros and cons of certain craft beers. If the bartender has some time on their hands, ask for their advice and see what recommendations they can offer. Some are passionate about the products they sell, and they will be able to give you some good recommendations.

Make Note of the Good Ones

Remember to take note of your favourites and take note of other recommendations you have got from friends or family. You do not want to walk into a bar and make the same mistake twice. If you have discovered something new, tell others about it, so they can try out the beer and judge for themselves.

There are many ways to find a tasty craft beer when you visit a bar. Talk to a bartender who has some time on their hands and ask for recommendations. Remember other people’s favourites and check to see if they are available at this particular bar. Do not waste time with the waiting staff, you will not get good advice.

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