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Different Household Waste You Need To Start Recycling

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We all need to start doing much more to help look after our planet, and an excellent way to start is by reducing the waste you and your family send to landfills every year. It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to make their products and packing using sustainable materials, and we also need to recycle and repurpose what we can. We use many things every day that we can start to recycle and avoid sending to landfills, and below are some of the most common ones.

Recycle Your Glass

Glass is something that we can recycle, and your sweet chilli sauce bottle or wine bottle can see a new lease of life when it is turned into something new. It does not matter what colour the glass is, as all colours can be recycled and used to make something new. You will want to start separating all your rubbish and have one trash can for recycling glass, and it can begin to make a significant difference to our planet when we all follow suit.

Recycle Paper & Cardboard

You will also want to ensure that you separate all your paper and cardboard and send this for recycling, which can help reduce the number of trees that are cut down. You can typically recycle most papers and carboards, except ones with a metal foil or plastic coating, commonly used for food. However, you can separate and recycle everything else and help do your bit for our planet.

Recycle Your Batteries

Batteries are something that many people will throw away in the garbage once they no longer have any charge. However, these are bad for the environment when thrown into landfills, so you will want to ensure that you dispose of them correctly. An excellent idea you can consider that is much better for the environment is using rechargeable batteries, so you never have to throw them away.

Do Not Throw Away Food Scraps

Something else that you want to stop doing is throwing away scraps of food which will ultimately be sent to landfills. You can start composting your waste and putting your food scraps in a compost bin and let them decompose, and you can then use this to fertilise your garden. It is excellent to use for plants and flowers, and if you grow fruit or vegetables, it is excellent fertiliser that will help them bloom spectacularly. You can also put other organic materials in your compost bin, and you can click here to find out more information on how to do this at home.

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